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CAELinux 2010?

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14 years 2 months ago #4254 by Peter Halverson
Replied by Peter Halverson on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
Just a little heads up. If you install Code-Aster 2010 you need to change /opt/aster101/etc/codeaster/aster-mpihosts to include your hostname or set it to "localhost"

To use eficasQt you need to change to path to the catalog, from

do this before loading or creating a comm file otherwise you will get a warning about not being able to source the file.

Also when installed the ssh server does not generate ssh keys. create them by running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server


PS. I'm really enjoying the Aster MPI. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this!

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14 years 2 months ago #4262 by Sylvain
Replied by Sylvain on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
Thank you for the distrib
I m not able to run the code aster in Salome Meca. Can anyone help me?
Thank you
14 years 2 months ago #4263 by Jonathan Arata
Replied by Jonathan Arata on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
Many thanks for this! I've been trying to build a &quot;home grown&quot; version of CaeLinux using 10.04LTS as a starting point and it has been giving me fits. I'm looking forward to getting your latest beta and giving it a shot - it certainly can't be any worse than the nightmare my system has turned into (I can't even get OpenOffice to work!).

I know it's quite late but I wanted to know if there were any plans to include &quot;FreeCAD&quot; as part of the package at some point in the future. I've been using it on and off for a while now and it's getting quite nice. Of course, it's easy enough to add it to an existing Ubuntu install (you can get it through the Software Store, in fact), but I just wanted to get the thoughts of the community and see if anyone else has had any experiences with this.


UPDATE: A brief caveat for the group - I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but my experience with 10.04 LTS demonstrates that it is far from ready for prime-time. First, I get a blank purple screen instead of the flash - nomodprobe solves that, but I've never had that problem with Ubuntu before. Then after installing (and manually changing the boot command by adding &quot;nomodprobe&quot;) my keyboard and mouse weren't recognized! Hard reset and now my keyboard and mouse work (relief!) but my sound card isn't detected.

I've used 8.04LTS and 9.10 without ANY of these problems on this new-ish machine (HP Pavilion, quad core, nVidia 9100, 12&quot; HP CRT). I've had the same problems with 10.04 LTS whether installing from the CaeLinux beta image or the Ubuntu LiveCD from their website.

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14 years 1 month ago #4312 by Joël Cugnoni
Replied by Joël Cugnoni on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
Thank you all for your feedback...

i still have to add OpenFOAM and Calculix; and to fix Code-Saturne's CFDSTUDY module for Salome.

@Peter: I will update the config files and add some autoconfiguration scripts to automate the &quot;dynamic&quot; changes of config files and ssh server config (mostly updating the config when the hostname changes).

@jonathan: Freecad is already included, don't worry ;-)
Concerning the hardware compatibility problems, I have tested 10,04 on several machines using sometimes a fresh installation or an upgrade from 8.04 and i have not seen any problem; I am probably lucky ;-) What is your exact HP pavillion model?

Tested configs with Ubuntu 10.04:

1) my development machine: Phenom II X4 965, AMD 770 chipset, 8GB DDR3, AMD Radeon 4650 GPU, 22'' DVI LCD; fresh install of CAELinux 2010 beta: OK (some problem with grub config though..)

2) test machine 1: AMD Athlon X2 4200, 2GB Ram, Asus A8N-E MB, Nvidia GF6600GT, 17'' VGA LCD; CAELinux 2010 beta in LiveDVD mode: OK

3) test machine 2: Laptop Intel Core2Duo 7200, 2GB ram, Intel MB, Nvidia GF7600Go, internal LCD; CAELinux 2010 beta in LiveDVD mode: OK

4) test machine 3: Intel Core2Quad 9550, Intel DP43 MB, 8Gb DDR2, NVidia 9800GT, DVI LCD; CAELinux 2009 upgraded in place to 10.04: OK (just need to fix flashplugin...)

(netbook Atom n270, 2gb ram, Intel GPU: upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 worked well... Intel 3D graphics card are still extremely crappy though, so I really discourage anyone to use an Intel graphic card for 3D CAD/CAE applications !!)

So you can see that overall 10.04 works well on a wide range of PC hardware... in my short Ubuntu experience, I think it is the version that offers the best &quot;out of the box&quot; experience; but this does not mean that it's perfect .. it will probably take a few months to see it deliver its very best!

Best regards


Joël Cugnoni - a.k.a admin
14 years 1 month ago #4325 by Jonathan Arata
Replied by Jonathan Arata on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
Many thanks, Joel. For the reply and for the project as a whole.

My machine is a more-or-less brand-new p6404y. I eventually solved the problem by adding &quot;nomodeset&quot; to the boot line and updating the boot loader. Annoying, but at least it's fixed now. Everything runs like a champ!

14 years 1 month ago #4342 by Alicia
Replied by Alicia on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
First, thank you all for all the information and work you provide for the users ! It is really helpful !!

I don't know yet whether to install the beta version of CAELinux 2010 (people who tried it seem happy with it, so why not.. !) or to install the Lucid 64bits and then only the softwares I'm using (basically Salomé, Saturne and Paraview). So the idea of a wiki explaining the installation process for the different softwares is very interesting !!

Which version of Salomé, Saturne and Paraview are included in the your 2010 version of caelinux ?

I'm very interested in any advice you can give me on all the installation process !!

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