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CAELinux 2010?

13 years 10 months ago #4641 by Joël Cugnoni
Replied by Joël Cugnoni on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
The most important changes from RC to final release are:
- paraview is added in application menu
- fixed wrong entries in Livedvd boot menu
- updated gettingStarted.html
- Openfoam env variables incompatible with R, fixed: now openfoam should be started from its specific OpenFOAM terminal
- discretizer: add openfoam environment in launch scripts
- installed a serie of R package for Kai Velten's book examples
- system update. added package gparted, samba, smbfs...

If you already have the last RC installed and are not using R, I don't think that you need to upgrade to the final release...

Joël Cugnoni - a.k.a admin
13 years 10 months ago #4646 by Sylvain
Replied by Sylvain on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
ok thank you

I will try it
13 years 10 months ago #4670 by carolyny476
Replied by carolyny476 on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
arnoldh wrote:


have a look at

This should satisfy your needs. Either a plugin for Salome 5.1.3 or a fully integrated salome-saturne solution.


Such a very amazing link!
Thanks you for the post.
13 years 10 months ago #4750 by Carlos Mora
Replied by Carlos Mora on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
Has anyone been able to install the UGS NX 6.0 for Linux on the CAELINUX2010.
UGS NX 6.0 is for Suse.
if it worked in CAELINUX2010 would be a very complete environment.
We would have CAD (UGS NX 6.0) and CAE-FULL (Caelinux2010).

If anyone has been able to install, UGS NX 6.0 on the CAELINUX, please comment as he did.
13 years 9 months ago #4866 by tybeede
Replied by tybeede on topic Re:CAELinux 2010?
I used UGS NX 6 for about a year and a half on OpenSUSE 10.3 64 bit. It worked great and I wanted to do the same thing and join forces between CAE Linux and UGS NX. In the end UGS NX has some dependencies and there isn't an easy way to get it installed on CAE Linux. I ended up switching over to Windows 7 when it came out. Windows 7 with a virtual machine like VM Ware or Virtual Box seems to be the best way to get both of the systems to work together. I've also discovered the CalculiX for Windows offered by bConverged. Seems to work pretty nice.

My biggest issue with Code-Aster is the huge pile of French documentation. I don't find the command files difficult to use once you know a key word. It is really difficult to figure out exactly what you need from the documentation and that tends to limit its usefulness for me. Maybe they will make some progress on the English docs over the next few years.
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