Dear CAElinux users,

These last days have been a real pain for us:
the whole & websites have been migrated
recently by our webhost to a new server with shining new versions of PHP-MySQL. Nice, but... this migration completely broke down the website as the good old Mambo/Simpleboard components used previously proved to be no more compatible with the current PHP-MySQL standards.

 So we add to migrate all the website (in a hurry) to a more "up-to-date" system; which process turned out to be really complicated due to the large gap of versions to be covered by the update.

But finally, here it is: CAElinux is now running on a much more recent base of Joomla / Joomlaboard servers and normally all the data should have been kept during the transfer.

We will need your help to make sure that everything is running properly again. So if you see someting strange, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you all for your understanding, and we hope that we will receive the new download mirror soon in order to release CAELinux 2007.


Joël Cugnoni
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The version 3b of CAELinux is now officialy released and available for download here: CAELinux 3b Download page

This new version is principaly an OS update of the previous 3a version: all the system packages have been upgraded to the latest level of PCLinuxOs 0.93 and the kernel has been upgraded to 2.6.16. Additionnaly the distro now contains ready-to-install kernels for SMP & 4Gb support as well as 3D hardware acceleration drivers for Nvidia & ATI.

The some CAE softwares have also been upgraded: Salome is now in version 3.2.2, Code-Aster in STA9.0, Calculix in v1.6. Impact and Gerris Flow solver have also been upgraded to latest versions.

In order to simplify the learning of all these great tools, lots of tutorials have been added as well as a brand new video version of the Introduction tutorial (Piston). The Code-Aster doc has also been automatically translated in English (automatically) and this new doc is also included in the distro.

The CAELinux team wishes you a lot of success with this brand new version !!

New tutorials by P. Carrico

A new collection of tutorials has been added on CAELinux Wiki.
These tutorials, written by P. Carrico, an experienced professionnal of FEM, will give you a more in-depth and detailed view of the possibilities of Code-Aster and other related tools like GMSH, Gibi or Salome.

To learn more about these tutorials please visit the CAETutorials section of CAELinux Wiki.

Dear CAELinux Users & possible Contributors,

A brand new collaborative Wiki / Community portal is up and running now at .
This site is powered by the WikiMedia engine, the same Wiki system used in!!

The scope of this collaborative site is to promote the sharing of knowledge & experience in the CAELinux community by allowing everyone to add its own content in a simple and efficient manner.

This Wiki is free to read, but requires an account to edit the pages. Account creation is free and not regulated.

We have tried to create an initial structure for the site, so please try to respect it when editing the content:
There are 2 general sections (called namespace in Wiki)
1) Documentation section (pages named like Doc:MyDoc)
2) Projects section (pages named like Proj:MyProject)

At the moment, there are nearly no documents in the Wiki, but documentation, utilities & tutorials will be added soon.

Additionnally, for all of you discovering the page editing in Wiki, please practice in the Sandbox section and try to read the help pages before modifying any page of the site.

This Wiki will not be only managed by CAELinux team but is also your website, so we hope that the community will take the lead and that this collaborative Wiki will serve as an efficient platform for the development of the CAELinux community!!

... So now it's your turn to make the things move !!

Good luck and feel free to ask is something is not working well.

PS: file upload is enabled in this Wiki, allowed file type are 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'doc', 'xls', 'ppt', 'ods', 'odt', 'pdf', 'zip', 'gz' & 'rar'

The latest 3b update of CAELinux distribution can now also be ordered on DVD:

    Download or Order a copy of CAELinux Beta 3B

CAELinux is available either as a installable liveDVD distribtion or under Windows with our preconfigured VMWare version

The features / programs included in this beta 3B distribution are the following:

  • LiveDVD distribution based on PClinuxOS .93 (updated)
  • Runs directly from the DVD without any installation
  • Optional installation to hard disk in 3 easy steps
  • Dedicated to CAE and more specifically to finite element simulation
  • Includes the new 3D pre-/post processor SALOME v3.2.2 (updated, GPL, developped by CEA/EDF/EADS, France) and the powerfull finite element solver Code-Aster v9.0 (updated, GPL, developped by EDF, France)
  • Offers a complete solution for CFD with OpenFOAM 1.2, Gerris (updated) and Openflower solvers
  • Contains several 2D & 3D CAD/pre/post packages: Paraview, GMSH v2 (updated), BRL-CAD, gCad3D, Blender, GraphiteOne & QCad
  • Includes other simulation softwares for multiphysics simulation: ELMER, Calculix v1.6 (updated), Tochnog, Impact (updated), MBDyn
  • Offers several scientific tools like GNU Octave, Scilab, Maxima and SciPy and a full set of developpement tools / compilers.