The version 3b of CAELinux is now officialy released and available for download here: CAELinux 3b Download page

This new version is principaly an OS update of the previous 3a version: all the system packages have been upgraded to the latest level of PCLinuxOs 0.93 and the kernel has been upgraded to 2.6.16. Additionnaly the distro now contains ready-to-install kernels for SMP & 4Gb support as well as 3D hardware acceleration drivers for Nvidia & ATI.

The some CAE softwares have also been upgraded: Salome is now in version 3.2.2, Code-Aster in STA9.0, Calculix in v1.6. Impact and Gerris Flow solver have also been upgraded to latest versions.

In order to simplify the learning of all these great tools, lots of tutorials have been added as well as a brand new video version of the Introduction tutorial (Piston). The Code-Aster doc has also been automatically translated in English (automatically) and this new doc is also included in the distro.

The CAELinux team wishes you a lot of success with this brand new version !!