The latest 3b update of CAELinux distribution can now also be ordered on DVD:

    Download or Order a copy of CAELinux Beta 3B

CAELinux is available either as a installable liveDVD distribtion or under Windows with our preconfigured VMWare version

The features / programs included in this beta 3B distribution are the following:

  • LiveDVD distribution based on PClinuxOS .93 (updated)
  • Runs directly from the DVD without any installation
  • Optional installation to hard disk in 3 easy steps
  • Dedicated to CAE and more specifically to finite element simulation
  • Includes the new 3D pre-/post processor SALOME v3.2.2 (updated, GPL, developped by CEA/EDF/EADS, France) and the powerfull finite element solver Code-Aster v9.0 (updated, GPL, developped by EDF, France)
  • Offers a complete solution for CFD with OpenFOAM 1.2, Gerris (updated) and Openflower solvers
  • Contains several 2D & 3D CAD/pre/post packages: Paraview, GMSH v2 (updated), BRL-CAD, gCad3D, Blender, GraphiteOne & QCad
  • Includes other simulation softwares for multiphysics simulation: ELMER, Calculix v1.6 (updated), Tochnog, Impact (updated), MBDyn
  • Offers several scientific tools like GNU Octave, Scilab, Maxima and SciPy and a full set of developpement tools / compilers.