Dear CAELinux fans, here are some very good news. The second beta version of CAELinux is under testing yet, and a VMWare version will be released to run CAELinux in a Windows environment. Last but not least, a generous donator (Mike Sarahan) is offering us a download mirror with a 600Gb/month bandwidth... It's Christmas time in march!! To learn more about these news, read the detailed story.

CAELinux Beta 2

Due to the version updates of PcLinuxOs (->.92), Code-Aster (->v8.2) and Salomé (->v2.2.8), we have been very busy preparing the new Beta 2 during the last month. But finally, most of the work is done Now the pre Beta 2 version is working nearly perfectly and we are adding new packages and testing the distribution and softwares. At the moment, the following softwares have been successfully integrated:
- Salomé v2.2.8 (Pre-post)
- Code-Aster v8.2 (FEA)
- Calculix 1.5 (pre-post + FEA)
- Elmer (pre-post + multiphysics FEA)
- GetDP (generic PDE solver)
- MbDyn 1.6 (multibody dynamics)
- v2, Scilab, Octave etc....

We expect to add some of the following packages before release depending on the compile/install issues we encounter:
- openFOAM + Paraview
- openModelica
- octaveForge + VIZ + VTK
- SciPy + wxGTK + BOA (python dev.)
- Gerris Flow Solver (GFS)
- MayaVI

New Download Mirror

Another excellent news: Mike Sarahan has kindly offered us a "Christmas Gift": a wonderfull download mirror with up to 600 Gb/month bandwidth. So from now you can download the ISO image directly from the Web without the need of BitTorrent!! So a GREAT THANK YOU to MIKE for his help!! To download the ISO, please follow the "Download Now" link in the main menu and please fill in the download form as it really help us to know your needs / interests for the future.

VMWare virtual machine

For those who could be interested in running CAELinux directly in Windows, we are developping a VMWare Virtual Machine image that can be launched directly in the free VMWare Player environment in MS Windows (or even Unix). For the moment, we don't plan to release it due to its size (approx 2.5Gb) but stay tuned and please tell us in you are interested in such a solution.