Request for feedback : Development of a new 2022 release or else?

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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #10072 by Gabriel Alves Silva
I have never used CAELinux in the live USB option, I believe that as a virtual machine it is more interesting.

Currently I use Arduino-IDE, FreeCAD, GNU-Octave, Cura, Virtual Box, GMAT, ROS, Gazebo.

I think the idea of a Linux distribution for Engineering is sensational, but currently I feel I use CAELinux because I enjoy the project, but it doesn't necessarily help me.

So, I choose idea 3. because it keeps the idea of an optimized distribution for engineering and still a store that would centralize the engineering applications making it easier to install them, (like not having to go to several different places to download ROS, gazebo, GMAT, maybe not having to use the shell).
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7 months 5 days ago #10075 by maciej
Hello Joël,

first of all great thanks for continuing the project.

Personally, using mainly Salome-Meca / Open-Foam, then option 3 sounds good. Also maybe it could be easier later, to maintain some packges easier to update (i.e. SM2022 in future) without rebuilding whole system with "software center".

Also about ISO/virtual machine - I have never used live USB, just always install on hardware. Eearlier I used it as stnadalone installation, but XFCE was hard to maintain as "regular" computer with FEA possibilities, so I switched to VirtualBox now, so from my point of view Virtual Machine Image is also a nice option, but 10GB ISO is good as well, I always can install it :).

Thank you very much once again.

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3 months 2 weeks ago #10114 by Andrea
Good afternoon Joël,

1-What do you think about switching to ArchLinux or a flavour of ArchLinux?
You could save time to package all those softwares that are already there making a basically script such as:

sudo pacman -Syu freecad octave rocs ... and so on

You could also use all the aur packages, in that case the script would be (after installing the AUR helper paru with
git clone
cd Paru
makepkg -si )

paru -Syu calculix open-foam elmer salome (the last two need a new PKGBUILD)

Doing this, you would have only to update those PKGBUILD or once done, saving it on your personal "mirror".
You could also use archiso to build a custom iso (maybe with using the gui installer from manjaro and/or antergos or even forking one of those distros).

To sum up I think that could be an improvement for these reasons:
-Large documentation (Archwiki)
-Saving time using ready software (that someone else could update in the AUR)
-Lightweight, High customizable (you could make some choices line networkmanager-desktop enviroment-mhwd for nvidia frivers ecc... to help beginners).

Hope you have got some useful information from this message.

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