My mesh is not running in the Code Saturne

9 years 10 months ago #5998 by Yvan Fournier
Replied by Yvan Fournier on topic Re: My mesh is not running in the Code Saturne
It seems you are running Code_Saturne 2.0.2, not 2.1 (looking a your log)., and that it was built for support for MED 2.3, not 3.0.

Both Code_Saturne 2.0.2 and 2.1 can be built either with MED 2.3 or MED 3.0 (older versions only managed MED 2.3), but if you build it with MED 2.3, you will not be able to read meshes in MED 3.0 format (SALOME 6.3 and above), and get exactly the error you describe.

It seems you may have multiple versions of Code_Saturne installed, and are not using the one you believe.
How did you start the code ?

Starting with Code_Saturne 2.1, only the main code_saturne script is in the path. Other executables, such as cs_solver, cs_preprocess, ... are in <install_prefix>//libexec/code_saturne (with <install_prefix being /usr/local in your case, for /usr/local/libexec/code_saturne/cs_preprocess), and the command line arguments for the preprocessor have changed a bit.


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