MED file in Code-Saturne, error when check mesh

11 years 1 month ago #4742 by CAVT
Hi, Hooman.

I'm running Saturne under Unity Linux (a Mandriva based distro) without problems. I think you had problems when compiling Saturne during the "make" stage and then you made "make install". I did get some errors while building it but I could solve them modifying a few lines in the marked files. Usually it's about not including cstring or issues with tcl/tk. Did you have such errors? You should arrive to the end of the building process without ever seeing the enclosed word Error, other warnings are fine.
Now, in your first post it says there's a missing library. You should have downloaded previously from Saturne's site a compulsory library to read Med files (can't recall the name now), otherwise Saturne won't be able to read them. Search your system for the file "" or "libmedC" and see all the results. If there's at least one result like or similar, you will solve the problem just by doing a symbolic link in the directory where you found the original file:

ln -s [complete name of original file]

If nothing is found, try downloading the library from Saturne's site and compile it.

The xml error could be because you're trying to open a file created with a different Saturne version than yours. Now, if you generated the file with your version of saturne, then I'm lost.

I hope I could help you :)

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