Syrthes in CAELinux2010

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9 years 10 months ago #5163 by Charles Warner
Syrthes in CAELinux2010 was created by Charles Warner
I ran in to problems trying to use Syrthes as installed from the CAELinux2010 LiveDVD- apparently the gfortran library was not being found properly. I tried rebuilding the package with "make install" only to find that the automatic fortran compiler detection routine was not working properly and was defaulting to g77 instead of gfortran. I solved this problem by editing the Makefile in the Syrthes/bin directory to include a definition of $FC- then ran "make install" again. The program now appears to work properly. I am not sure why the original or syrthes.profile failed to identify the proper fortran compiler- stepping through the two files line by line seems to yield the proper definition of the fortran compiler, yet the Makefile as originally provided defaults to g77. This also appears to have an impact when trying to run Code-Saturne with Syrthes...

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9 years 10 months ago #5167 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic Re:Syrthes in CAELinux2010
Could you post more details about how to get syrthes to work in caelinux2010? I have been unable to follow what you did, and have been struggling to get it to work for several weeks.

Based on the output of 'code_saturne config', syrthes is not properly linked to code_saturne. I have been trying to follow a tutorial that shows how code_saturne and syrthes can be linked, but get compilation errors. Thanks,

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