The CalculiX results 'frd' to 'vtk' converter

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7 years 5 months ago - 7 years 4 months ago #8189 by Maciej Hawrylkiewicz
The CalculiX results 'frd' to 'vtk' converter was created by Maciej Hawrylkiewicz
Hello there!

Please find a CalculiX CrunchiX result "frd" file converter to VTK text format which may be read in ParaView. It's a mono/.net assembly, made in MonoDevelop with C# so it is supposed to work on Linux and Windows. The program is not well tested at the moment but the theoretically it should properly process every element type and resulting data from all defined steps.

It's a console application which expects only one argument "the_results_file_name.frd" with full path or without if the source file and assembly exists in the same place. Converted file will be named "the_results_file_name_mmh.vtk".

At the moment to the CalculiX output data the Huber-Mises-Hencky (so called von Mises) and main stresses calculations are added.

On any comments pleas contact me. Of course as it was my idea to share it as open code I will provide the code on any request. I hope that somebody will find it useful.



p.s. My preferable processor for 'inp' files editor and platform to start CGX and CCX and converting tools is Geany. What's Your suggestion?

Please use the following link to download app:

I dont't know why I can not attach the file...
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