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Problems with Paraview

14 years 1 month ago #4060 by David Monfort
Replied by David Monfort on topic Re:Problems with Paraview
Let me try to answer your different questions :woohoo:

1. Post-processing
Indeed, this function was not present in the 1.3.3 version, it has only been added recently.
The ivarpr variable is not related to variable (not directly) but rather to the mesh (the original one and the user ones). If this variable is set to 1, it means that the user part is identical to the original one (say, the whole volume or the whole boundary); if it is set to 0, then you are defining the variables through the local arrays tracel/trafac/trafbr. The latter case is probably what you want to do because you seem to want only part of the mesh (so ivarp=0 !)

2. Pressure
Our naming is perhaps a bit confusing...
What we call "pressure" is the resolved pressure (or "reduced" pressure) whereas the "total pressure" is the resolved one + the hydrostatic pressure (rho.g.z) + the reference pressure (p0).
If you need the dynamic pressure, then you will have to compute it by yourself (either in usproj or in usvpst) by adding the relevant part (1/2.rho.v^2).

If this isn't clear :evil: please attach your different user routines so that I can have a look at it.

13 years 11 months ago #4336 by rui simoes
Replied by rui simoes on topic Re:Problems with Paraview
i'm sorry but i did not understand

the code you sent:
"fx = 0.d0
fy = 0.d0
fz = 0.d0
surf = 0.d0
call getfbr('outlet', nelt, lstelt)
do ielt = 1, nelt

i'm suposed to implement in usproj routine, then copy it to SRC, and run the SaturneGUI.
shoul i paste it anywhere in usproj??
is it case sensitive??
how do i, afterwards, check values for lift and drag?

i've been reading the manual... no sucess.

found other site,
says to change a variable in ./Saturne, and it will produce an "efforts" file.
it did, but i cannot see the values in paraview.

could you do a step by step guide to get the results (drag and lift)?

thanks in advance
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