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[SOLVED] I can't install the proprietary driver for my graphics card.

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5 years 9 months ago #9299 by Helio C
Dear Mr. Cugnoni,

I did as instructed with some minor modifications noted below:

1) download the driver on Nvidia.com (NVIDIA-340.104, 2017)
2) close your session
3) ctrl+alt+f1 to open a text terminal
4) login in the terminal and type
sudo services lightdm stop (changed to 'systemctl stop lightdm' after an internet search)
4.1) sudo modprobe -r nouveau (to stop the nouveau module barring the installation, as signed by the messages of failed attempts and recommended by the NVIDIA instructions)

5) cd Downloads
6) chmod a+x nvidia... (The driver file that you downloaded)
7) sudo ./nvidia...
(Here the process hangs after giving the message 'done' and I could not get out without a hard reboot, which resulted in nothing being installed)
Follow the process and then reboot with
sudo reboot

I don't know how to fix from now. Attached is the 'log'.

I will try a complete reinstallation of CAELinux 2017 as soon as possible to try to include the NVIDIA driver before any 'nouveau ' module being included.

Could you give me any more option? I am running in a Dell laptop somewhat old, Core i5.

Thank you very much in advance
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4 years 3 months ago #9505 by Helio C
Dear colleagues,

My problem was, indeed, a very old notebook (more than 7 years).

After updating my machine and installing the 2018 version of CAELinux, the reported errors were solved.

Thank you very much.
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