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Hello everybody,

4 weeks ago I posted a topic explaining steps which I did in solving particles tracking, using GUI in Code-Saturne.
Looking carfully "listing" file in the specific folder, I understood (even though my french knowledge is not very well) that Code-Saturne couldn't simulate particles tracking with laminar flow conditions (that are mine).

So I have only three simple questions:

1. Is possible to simulate particles tracking filling in "Boundary Statistic" and "Volume Statistic" in the GUI, respectively showing off where particles settle and their path in the flow?

2. What format do I need to achieve my aim and what software do I have to use?

3. To carry out Plot 2D graph in Salome, do I need to process in Code-Saturne with "format = text (not binary)", or something different?

please help me if anyone can, because I think I'm near the solution, but I'm sure I miss a step.

Thank you in advance


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