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11 years 2 months ago #4527 by CAVT
Saturne is not calculating was created by CAVT
Hi all,

Well, I'm trying to run a simple case with Saturne, it's my first time with it an depite I follow all the steps like in the original turorial Sturne doesn't seem to perform any calculation at all...
I'm using the old CAELinux 2008, as my machine is a 32bit Sempron, but the ahrdware specs are not he problem, surely I'm not doing something well. Firstly I made in Catia a very simple delta wing, just a triangular plate with beveled borders, a larger box which plays the part of "field", inserted there the wing, and with boolean operations I ended having a solid prism with a hollow sector corresponding to the "removed" delta wing. That part was not problematic at all. I saved the resulting geometry as a STEP file.
Now in Salome I added a cylinder surrounding the delta wing, but I did by revolving a line, so the resulting object is a surface. I partitioned the box with the cylinder, so now I can assign two different mesh sizes to each volume. I made a mesh with two submeshes using tetrahedorns as 3d element and exported the mesh as a med file.
Now in the CFD wizard I defined the case with its directory and mesh file, and the Saturne GUI opened. Well, basically I set everything as in the Saturne video tutorial, exceptuating group names, initial velocities and fluid characteristics. But when I press "batch processor run" the process would last a few seconds (10, 15, not more) and if I examine the listing file it would be like 560 lines, much less than the 2000+ I should get. The I open the generated med file in Salome but the postprocess shows only nodes and families, but nothing like velocity, pressure or similar, and I checked the whole options tree. I suppose that Saturne is not doing things well or I am missing something that I simply cannot realize of. Salome doesn't seem to be the problem.
I hope that any of you can give me hint. Thank you very much.


edit: Ok, I don't know if it helps, but I ran a sample case of a sphere, no mesh refinment, everything simple... same results, or lack of them. I notice that there isn't any file, as the video shows, but cannot figure out why...<br /><br />Post edited by: CAVT, at: 2010/08/09 07:45

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