Dear CAELinux-users,

 we are proud to announce that CAELinux has been selected to be part of the official distributors of the new Salome-Meca-2007 GPL package developed by the Code-Aster team at EDF

Salome-Meca-2007 contains the newly integrated software suite combining Salome v.3.2.6 Pre-Post processor  & Code-Aster v9.1 FE solver and  includes the new Code-Aster module for Salome and its new Analysis Wizards.

If you want to use another Linux distribution instead of CAELinux, you can now directly download and install the stand-alone Salome-Meca-2007 package to turn your Linux into a powerfull FEA workstation. This package has been designed by EDF to be simple to install and to run smoothly on any recent Linux distribution without any recompilation as it includes all the required libraries and pre-compiled binaries.

To get this new software suite, visit the following SALOME-MECA-2007 Download Page 

To see Salome-Meca in action, you can have a look at our  Flash video Tutorials on the Wiki