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Main FTP mirror (Europe)

Direct FTP links
To quickly download CAELinux from your web browser or download manager, just use the following direct links:

CAELinux 2010 ISO image (64bit, Ubuntu 10.04):

CAELinux 2009 ISO image (64bit, Ubuntu 8.04):

CAELinux 2008 ISO image (32bit, PCLinuxOS):

CAELinux 2008 VMWare archive (32bit, PCLinuxOS):

Manual connection
If you prefer to use your preferred FTP client, use the following details to connect to the FTP server.
We recommend to use the latest FileZilla FTP client for such large downloads.








Bittorrent P2P downloads
Bittorrent is a very efficient and secure way of downloading large files. To download CAELinux, just use the following torrents file with your preferred Bittorrent client.

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